Take stock during COVID19

Take stock during COVID19

Time to take stock during COVID19, use your time to complete a complete overview, here is a handy checklist of areas to look at personally and with your business;

Review your costs – look at everything you spend on, what can you cut, what don’t you use, what could be cheaper.

Cards – get all your credit and debit cards organised, do you need them all, do you use them all, do any balances need moving around, is there a card that would make life easier, like the curve card, which basically has all your cards on one, with extra benefits like live transactions, travel insurance, electronics insurance, no foreign fees so no need to ever get travel money again! That’s the one I use and its brilliant


Rewards – Do some research, are there rewards you could be getting for your spending, air miles with virgin or someone like that, supermarket loyalty schemes, Quidco, cash back etc. Do some research, get everything set up to make sure you’re maximising anything you can get!

Buying – was there anything you were planning on buying or are going to need in the future, big or small, start researching, get the best deal and take advantage of any big discounts around from quite suppliers!

Social Media – get all your social media up to date, linkedin connections and profiles, photos organised.

Online Accounts – get all your online accounts organised, email addresses updated, accounts you don’t use closed, spam emails opted out of, old email accounts shut down.

Selling – time to clear out, get the loft or garage sorted, get your stuff sold, make some money!

DIY – make a list, go around every part of your house and make a list of every job that needs doing, plan it, organise it and then work through them all!

Plan/Research – are there things you haven’t had time to research or plan? Projects? New Businesses? New Ideas? Holidays? Home Projects? now is the time to plan for years ahead, come out of this super organised, and take advantage of any savings or discounts as a result!

Investments, Savings, ISA’s, Pensions – is your money working for you the best it can, could you be doing more, should you be speaking to an IFA? should you move your pension, or move banks?

Wills – have you got one, is it up to date?

Personal Insurances – are you and everyone who should be covered for life and critical illness? Is it up to date? Does it give you the cover it should? Are you overpaying?

As always, any questions or suggestions of topics you would like covering, get in touch.


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This is really great advice and yes taking stock is so very important right now, more than ever. Focusing on all the things that ordinary you don’t simply have the time to commit to. I have made a start, thank you for your advice during such a difficult time. Cutting back, focussing on essential needs, clearing out is a good behaviour to start now and maintain.

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