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A full range of consultancy to suit your needs

No matter what your requirement or challenge, I provide an honest assessment of what you need and how I can help. I have a breadth of experience and expertise and a range of support options to suit your business.

I can act as your own in house Sales & Marketing Director. This offers you the unique opportunity of benefitting from my experience and expertise without the ongoing expense and difficulty in recruiting a high calibre Director. You can utilise me on a contracted basis from 1-5 days a month at your offices as a member of your team. Outside of this I will still be investing into your business remotely and whenever you need me, just as if I was employed in a full time role.

I fulfil the role of Sales & Marketing Director in your business. Our aim will be to drive your business forward and work in close partnership to achieving your short and long term objectives. 

I only work with a select few businesses in this role so have limited availability. The reason for this is that it ensures that I give your business the maximum amount of attention & input working both at your offices and on outside of working hours.

Either as a standalone project or on an ongoing basis, I can work with you to design, implement and execute a strategy for your business. This can either be focused around startup, market penetration, expansion or diversification or annual aims and objectives.

When we develop the strategy it will form a complete business plan encompassing all the key elements required to execute and succeed including; Sales, Marketing, HR, Operations, Finance & Budgets.

I can provide an ongoing management service for your Google presence, Google Adwords campaigns, and all your social media presence eg. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

This ongoing management includes development of your existing Adwords campaigns and design, implementation and management of new campaigns to meet your objectives. Social Media management includes, full setup and maintenance of you social media accounts, audience building and regular posting to fit your business needs. 

We would also work together on an ongoing basis to review performance across all your channels against industry KPI’s and your own business KPI’s.

I can also work alongside your existing team to provide support and direction in all these areas on an ongoing basis.

I work on an ongoing basis to design, build, manage, maintain, expand and improve your website and web presence. 

This can include everything from the initial setup and design of your site, or I can provide a full assessment of your existing website and presence, and provide recommendations for improvements or changes against your business requirements.

If you have a specific problem or challenge you have encountered within your business it’s often incredibly useful to have someone you can turn to for a fresh outlook or new way of thinking. I can work with you to analyse the problem or challenge you are facing and develop a plan to overcome it. If third party support is needed I will liaise with you to bring in the necessary expertise we need alongside my work with your management team.

For a specific Sales & Marketing campaign, I will work with you to plan, develop and execute each element through to successful completion. This will include every element needed including; product/service development and branding, target audience and market research, sales processes, marketing materials, SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, advertising, KPI’s and reporting, sales team training, budgets etc.

I can work with you to specifically develop your businesses marketing presence, both digitally and offline. This can be from the very first elements of your branding and DNA, through to specific marketing channels, designing and implementing all your marketing materials, ensuring brand consistency, use journeys and customer touch points, reporting, KPI’s etc.

Together we can implement an initial, ongoing or annual Sales strategy for your business. This can either be for you whole business, a specific product/service, or an area you want to expand into or launch.

The sales strategy will look at an analysis of your product or service proposition, pricing, SWOT, analysis of competitors and market positioning, internal sales structure, processes and procedures, sales team training, scripts, objection handling, recruitment, reporting, KPI’s, pay structures and commission, overall budgets and review.

I can work with you and any designers or agencies you have to design and develop a new brand, specific product or service brand or re-design a brand you already have.

I will help you develop your logo, all the branding for every element of your business, your tone of voice, straplines and slogans, brand feel and vibes, all your marketing materials and assets and a full set of brand guidelines. 

I can work with your teams to assess any existing processes and structures you have in place for both sales and marketing and provide recommendations for improvement and implement improvements with you.

For new businesses or expansion and I can design, develop and implement all your processes and internal structure including KPI’s and ongoing reporting.

I can support you in recruitment including job description, advertising, head hunting, interviewing and shortlisting, contracts and pay. For existing employees I can work with you on role development, training, management skills etc. For the business I can provide support on overall HR policies, contracts, hiring and recruitment campaigns, headhunting, and prospective employee reviewing.

I can provide support on contract reviews, negotiation and procurement for your business. This can be sourcing specific business critical products or services, investigating owners of assets you are looking to acquire, negotiating on your behalf and reviewing contracts on your behalf, including amends and suggested inclusions.

For new businesses, expansions or diversification I can provide a full gap analysis of your current position. I can develop a penetrative strategy for new markets, new products or services or a new demographic or market segment you would like to target. 

Following on from this I will work alongside your team to integrate specific expansion campaigns or support new development and troubleshooting post gap-analysis.

I can support your business in developing realistic growth plans including KPI’s, appropriate budgets and funding requirements, reporting and ongoing analysis of performance. Together we will look at your aims and objectives for the business or specific timescales and develop a specific growth plan utilising the resources you have or outlining a plan for development.

I can develop a specific launch plan for your business, a new expansion or a new product or service. The launch plan will include a full strategy for achieving your aims and objectives, will work to a specific date to suit your needs and include each element including full marketing plan, development of the branding and setup of the product or service, press, sales plan, PR, social media, announcements, etc. 

As part of my ongoing work I can act at your Press liaison and represent your business as and when required. I will also review and write press releases, announcements, website/social media posts on your behalf. 

I can work extensively behind the scenes to develop your Public Relations strategy and develop your brand image once we have an agreed set of aims and objectives and clear message, supported by consistent tone and feel.

I have an extensive background in business startups all the way through to large enterprises, corporate structure, growth and expansion. Alongside, expertise in establishing, developing and executing Sales & Marketing strategies for annual objectives, business expansion, individual campaigns, troubleshooting and improvements to your existing structures.

No matter what your requirement or challenge, I provide an honest assessment of what you need and how I can help. You can message me any time with any questions, ideas or for a general conversation to see how we can work together.

I can provide a full proposal and quotation for your exact requirements and offer the following service models depending on your needs, specific requirements, the business or specific project.

  • Fixed Campaign or Project Price
  • Ongoing Retainer
  • Full or Half Day On Site Consultancy Rate
  • Full or Half Day Off Site Consultancy Rate